Bespoke contemporary rugs

Handmade rugs are like art forms:
passionate, erratic, creative, sometimes random, sometimes disciplined, always unique.

Casasensi stands for our passion of art, dedication to contemporary interior design and appreciation for traditional craftsmanship. Our rugs form the centre of the room they are placed in, bring softness of materials, warmth, wonderful atmosphere and luxury touch. They compliment, charm, encapsulate, delight and become the heart of a modern home.

We are dedicated to beautiful design in every way. This not only means the final outcome, but the process too. Our rugs are hand made in Nepal and we ensure that they are produced with the greatest care, with respect and fair treatment of everyone involved in the process. Our weavers are registered members of the Nepal Goodweave Foundation, which is an international non-profit organisation that has been working to end child labour in the rug industry and provide educational opportunities to children in Nepal since 1995.

We constantly seek new inspirations and never stop working on new designs. We cooperate with interior designers, architects and private clients to bring their visions to life.

Visit our Kensington showroom to find our more and view Casasensi collections!

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